I felt like I was always having to tell people I was sick and I really didn't like that.

Migraine disease affects 38 million men, women, and children in the United States, so chances are that either you know or you are someone who has suffered from the debilitating effects of a migraine headache. Ask anyone in the throes of one and they will tell you how desperate they are for relief, but is there any hope?

Recently I had the privilege of interviewing Lynne Wadsworth of Holistic Health & Wellness, LLC, a fellow health coach and former migraine sufferer who has studied and applied proven methods for symptom relief that were effective in her own course of healing.

With a background in business and law, she returned to school and attended the Institute for Integrative Nutrition to earn her certification as a holistic health coach.

Her passion is helping women reach their full potential by living a healthy, balanced lifestyle. She is also an expert on natural remedies for migraine headaches, which is why I asked her to speak with us today.

When she is not coaching or pursuing her interest in holistic and nutritional health, her hobbies include jogging, gardening, spending time with her four grandchildren, and visiting the beach.



People who have never had migraines really don't understand how you have to change your life to accommodate the headaches.



You may listen to our interview above or click here to download the mp3 version. You may also contact Lynne directly for more information or to request a copy of her migraine symptom journal by visiting her website. I hope you find this interview as enlightening as I did and feel free to offer your feedback in the comments section below. Happy listening!