Nurse Yourself Back to Health

Coaching Program


Are you tired of feeling tired all the time?

Things may begin gradually. You wake up every morning exhausted and in pain. You visit the doctor, but your lab work is normal, so you’re sent home without any answers. You are beginning to wonder if it’s all in your head. Or maybe you are like me with symptoms that are impossible to ignore. After diagnostic testing, you receive a frightening diagnosis and have no idea how to manage it. You want hope that things can change for the better. You want to know that you can HEAL!

Symptoms of autoimmune disease are a wake-up call.

If you are like most of the women I coach, then you are busy caring for the needs of others. You often sacrifice your happiness to please them and have lost touch with your own needs. Left unchecked, this state of chronic stress and self-neglect will have devastating consequences on your physical and mental health. It is time for some intensive self-care so that you show up in your own life and for your loved ones!

Here is where a nurse coach can help.

I empower women to accept that self-care is NOT selfish! In fact, it is a matter of survival, especially when facing an autoimmune disease diagnosis. This is why I offer my life-changing Nurse Yourself Back to Health coaching program. I go back to basics to help you develop (and maintain) a routine self-care plan to heal your symptoms so that you can ENJOY life again! Keep reading to learn more.

Here are the topics we cover:

1: Believe You Can Heal
2: Find the Right Support

Partner with a doctor who practices functional or naturopathic medicine to:

    • treat hidden infections (such as Lyme disease, candida, parasites, viral, bacterial, yeast, and fungi).
    • correct hormonal imbalances (such as thyroid dysfunction, estrogen dominance, insulin resistance, and adrenal fatigue).
    • address nutrient deficiencies (such as Vitamin D, essential fatty acids, B12, folate, B6, zinc, magnesium, and selenium).

Set healthy boundaries in your relationships and avoid codependency. Avoid negative influences and seek out a positive support system and tribe of like-minded individuals who support you in your goals.

3: Identify the Root Causes

Reduce exposure to environmental toxins (such as heavy metals, iron, lead, mercury, amalgams, aluminum, fluoride, chlorine, and other chemicals). These may be present in your air, water, food, and household products.

4: Cultivate Mindfulness

Practice deep relaxation and breathing, biofeedback, and massage since stress worsens the immune response.

5: Balance Rest


6: Improve Digestion

Fix a leaky gut or SIBO. Check for hidden food allergens with IgG food testing and avoid gluten, dairy, grains, legumes, corn, eggs, nightshades, and nuts, all of which can trigger inflammation.

7: Increase Movement

Implement gentle activity since exercise is a natural anti-inflammatory. Even a low-impact activity such as walking 7000-10,000 steps a day can significantly reduce the disease risks associated with a more sedentary lifestyle.

8: Develop Creativity

Grow creativity in the form of hobbies and artistic pursuits. Feeling inspired and channeling it into a creative outlet promotes relaxation and adds joy to your life. Depending on your activity of choice, it also allows you to contribute to others.

Connect to spirituality since studies have shown that the sense of awe experienced in response to art, nature, and the divine reduces levels of pro-inflammatory cytokines in your body while also helping you to cope more effectively with stress. A sense of connection and community also decreases feelings of loneliness and depression.

9-12: Group

Find purpose in the work that you do to provide for your family or to serve others. Whether or not it is how you choose to earn an income or make a living, find meaningful activities to bring passion to your daily life and reduce stress.

Here is what’s included:

Eight (8) modules with audio/video training [$197 value]

WhatsApp messaging with your coach 24/7 [$297 value]

Facebook private group membership [$97 value]

Four (4) Zoom group conference calls [$127 value]

My Self-Care Plan guidebook and journal [$27 value]

Because I know that this process works, I want to make it work for you. That means that I do everything within my power to make this guidance and support available and affordable for you at the pace and price that works for your schedule and budget.

I am able to offer financial aid, including scholarships, monthly payment plans, and sliding scale fees for those who are eligible. Before we talk pricing, however, I want you to take a moment to read some of the results of my past clients. They can describe their experience best in their own words.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I have been sick with advanced disease for many years, so what makes you sure that you can cure my chronic illness?

A: This coaching program focuses on a holistic approach to healing, which includes becoming a whole person physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. It is different from a medical cure, which promises an absence of all clinical signs of disease. Healing doesn’t always mean curing (and curing doesn’t always mean healing), but most program participants notice a significant improvement in their physical symptoms and mental well-being within 90 days. Please refer to my medical disclaimer for more information.

Q: I’ve tried to change my diet and to exercise more, but it’s just too hard when I am always feeling tired and in pain. Will I just be wasting my time?

A: I understand how hard change is of any kind – especially when you aren’t feeling well! That’s why I promise to never be dogmatic when recommending specific adjustments to your diet and lifestyle. Instead, we focus on finding out the individualized approaches that work for YOU! Rather than spending precious energy depriving yourself of things that you enjoy, we create strategies for incorporating more of the nourishing foods and activities that will help you heal. Eventually, most clients find that these positive additions naturally crowd out the snacks and habits that no longer serve their best interests.

Q: I am on a very limited budget and I feel like your program could help me, but I just don’t think I can afford it right now. Are there additional costs for materials if I sign up to participate?

A: I promise that you are not alone. Most of the women I coach are living on a fixed income related to their disability and finances are tight. That is why I do everything I can to make this program accessible to those who need it most. If you haven’t already, you can book a call with me to learn more about my scholarship availability. Once you decide to enroll in the program, there are no additional costs and everything outlined on this page is included in the price.

Q: What if I start this program and it just isn’t for me?

A: I am so convinced this program works that I offer a no-risk 100% money back guarantee. If within 7 days of starting the program you decide that the materials and support are not what you need, then just submit your completed assignments for a full refund.