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1: Believe You Can Heal


2: Find the Right Support


3: Identify the Root Causes


4: Cultivate Mindfulness


5: Balance Rest


6: Improve Digestion


7: Increase Movement


8: Develop Creativity


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Here's what past clients said:


“I used to struggle with knowing some of the things I needed to do to feel better, but I lacked the energy and focus to implement them – I felt overwhelmed.

Now I feel more focused and driven to take the time to implement practical steps to improve my health. Katherine really listens! I have worked with a variety of practitioners over the years and Katherine is one of the few that I feel truly takes the time to really understand my unique challenges. She then helps to build on my strengths so that I can see consistent improvement. She breaks things down so as to be achievable and gives the courage to continue moving forward.

She creates a safe place to dig deep to find the root causes of illness and treat accordingly rather than giving band-aid fixes. As a result, I am feeling more consistent peace, strength, and courage that I am in control of my health and well-being. This really has been an answer to my prayers!

– Arianne

“Before Katherine and I began working together, I was struggling with low motivation, low energy, and a lack of organization.

I wasn’t eating healthy, cooking at home, or exercising. Since working with Katherine, I am now highly motivated to get organized, have planned out how to do so, and have started reaching many small goals! What made the difference was daily access to an excellent coach for encouragement, support, and pointers. The advice I would give to someone who is on the fence is to talk to Katherine on the phone to see how easy she is to talk to and to see if this program is right for you!”

– Rachel

“Before this program, I had a great deal of anxiety and lots of pain all over due to fibromyalgia.

The best results I received while working with Katherine were learning to be in the moment, being mindful of why I’m feeling the way I do, and not letting my anxiety dictate or take over my emotions. Also, to just breathe! Katherine is the reason this program works. Her demeanor is calming, never judgmental, and she is always available. She validates your feelings, which makes you feel like you’re not crazy or alone.

After talking to her, you get the sense that you can conquer any ailment, feeling, and/or situation. It’s like she can almost read your mind and explain what you’re thinking or feeling to perfection. She is very empathetic and knows how it feels to be in her clients’ shoes. That’s why the program is different and it works, thus helping many of us! The advice I would give to someone who is on the fence about working with her is to schedule an appointment and talk to Katherine to see if it’s a good fit for you.”

– Teri

“I was feeling quite alone in my chronic illness. I was constantly fatigued and lacked energy and motivation to exercise and meal plan. I was frequently sick, had poor self-care habits and boundaries and unhealthy relationships.

Since working with Katherine, my self-care habits are getting stronger and I’m challenging and changing many of my unhealthy and limiting attitudes, beliefs, and habits through the Nurse Yourself Back to Health program. My confidence in my abilities and choices are growing steadily.

Katherine’s knowledge, expertise, and personal experience in the area of chronic illness and wellness has helped me see that wellness is possible and attainable. I appreciate her passion and willingness to go above and beyond in working with me on stubborn health problems and poor self-care habits that kept tripping me up.

I value her encouragement and unique points of view, as well as her timely response whenever I reached out to her with questions or when I needed extra support. She and others are very engaged and present in the Facebook community. She has a mountain of tools and resources she includes in the program and is always updating and improving it for her clients.

My personal setbacks have always been met with Katherine’s compassion, patience, and gentle questions that always gave me a new perspective and encouragement to keep working toward my own progress and at my own pace.

This program, if you consistently do the work, will help give you more freedom, emotionally and relationally. It’s a great investment in yourself. I’ve learned so much from being a part of this program and community.

– Tamela

“Before this program, I was experiencing challenges with interpersonal relationships, but really my own mental outlook.

Working with Katherine, I found a way to have a more healthy relationship with family, where I can take care of my needs, but still be there for them. This program was my first experience with life coaching and I’ve already recommended this to others. If you are unsure about health coaching, I encourage you to at least give it a wholehearted chance for four to five weeks to see how small life changes can make a huge difference in your life.”

– April

“One of my challenges was trying to decide whether or not to continue with my Remicade infusions. I had lots of anxiety about it. Katherine walked me through all the options and asked just the right questions to help bring clarity and I was able to feel more at peace with the treatments. 

I also loved my Haagen Dazs Ice Cream, an addiction I did not want to give up, but I also felt guilty for eating it on a daily basis. With Katherine’s help I was able to be less rigid with the all-or-nothing attitude. As I cut back, I recognized that on the days I didn’t have it, I didn’t feel so deprived. I felt like I could have it on occasion, but also eat a healthy diet.

Working with Katherine gave me accountability. It helped me take the actions that I needed to take instead of just talking about it. I watched my diet, I started creative projects, and I took steps to connect with people instead of isolating myself. In doing so, I became friends with like-minded people, which has filled a void that was in my life.

I would advise and encourage anyone who is dealing with an illness, or any other challenge in life, to not miss the opportunity to gain from Katherine’s guidance, wisdom and experience. Her support will help you delve deeper, find solutions, and move through challenges. She is understanding because she has been through many of the challenges you face. You will never regret working with her. She is worth the investment.

– Sandy

“Before I started to work with Katherine, I was feeling anxious, depressed, stressed, and extremely exhausted. I felt like I was trying to be perfect at everything, but at the same time, I was failing at everything on a daily basis.

I was struggling to show love and kindness to those around me and that also made me feel negative towards myself. The best result I have experienced has been discovering what my top priorities really are, and then focusing my schedule around those priorities, without over-working myself. Because of this, I am much more happy, calm, and optimistic about life, and I have enough energy to now give more of myself to others.

Rather than just trying to find solutions on my own and not knowing what would actually work for my circumstances, i had a coach who was willing to listen and guide me through my hesitations and doubts about myself and what I’m capable of achieving. Katherine showed me a great deal of empathy and patience, and that is just what I needed in order to allow myself to make needed changes.

If you are on the fence, I would advise you to sign up as soon as possible! I know it can be scary to evaluate our lives and decisions when we are already feeling down and vulnerable, but you will not regret reaching out for help!

Katherine is so wonderful to work with and I know she genuinely cares for each of her clients as individuals. Her advice and wealth of personal and professional experience are invaluable and have genuinely improved my life exponentially.


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Here are the tools you'll receive:


Online audio/video training modules 

WhatsApp messaging with your coach 24/7 

Facebook private group membership 

Zoom group conference calls 

My Self-Care Plan guidebook and daily journal 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I have been sick with advanced disease for many years, so what makes you sure that you can cure my chronic illness?

A: This coaching program focuses on a holistic approach to healing, which includes becoming a whole person physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. It is different from a medical cure, which promises an absence of all clinical signs of disease. Healing doesn’t always mean curing (and curing doesn’t always mean healing), but most program participants notice a significant improvement in their physical symptoms and mental well-being within 90 days. Please refer to my medical disclaimer for more information.

Q: I’ve tried to change my diet and to exercise more, but it’s just too hard when I am always feeling tired and in pain. Will I just be wasting my time?

A: I understand how hard change is of any kind – especially when you aren’t feeling well! That’s why I promise to never be dogmatic when recommending specific adjustments to your diet and lifestyle. Instead, we focus on finding out the individualized approaches that work for YOU! Rather than spending precious energy depriving yourself of things that you enjoy, we create strategies for incorporating more of the nourishing foods and activities that will help you heal. Eventually, most clients find that these positive additions naturally crowd out the snacks and habits that no longer serve their best interests.

Q: I am on a very limited budget and I feel like your program could help me, but I just don’t think I can afford it right now. Are there additional costs for materials if I sign up to participate?

A: I promise that you are not alone. Most of the women I coach are living on a fixed income related to their disability and finances are tight. That is why I do everything I can to make this program accessible to those who need it most. If you haven’t already, you can book a call with me to learn more about my scholarship availability. Once you decide to enroll in the program, there are no additional costs and everything outlined on this page is included in the price.

Q: What if I start this program and it just isn’t for me?

A: I am so convinced this program works that I offer a no-risk 100% money back guarantee. If within 14 days of starting the you decide that the materials and support are not what you need, then just submit your completed assignments for a full refund.